Relationship Horoscope

matches are made by stars, we read stars

As per ancient indian astrological wisdom, your planetary alignment and your kundali plays a huge role in how compatible two people would be, hence it is a common tradition in india to match horoscopes of boy and girl before marriage ( kundali milan) we at vedlabs , provide perfect relationship horoscopes and kundali milan, developed by combination of vedic astrology on modern day technology.

How Relationship Horoscope Works

  • You provide us with details of Boy and Girl.
  • We make kundali for both.
  • We analyse all planetary combination in both the kundalis and compatibility based based on rules described in horashashtra.
  • We determine out of 36 guna, how many guna are common in the couple.
    • Based on that we tell how successful that match is likely to be as per vedic indian astrology.
  • Based on kundali match, we recommend solution to any couple compatibility problem.

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Most affordable for multiple matches

Great matching horoscope, got done for my son before his marriage. We matched his horoscope with 4 girls and chose the girl with highest compatibility, now he is happily married.

Good Match

Has some issues with my marriage. I used the solutions given in this horoscope, now marriage is great again.


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